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Restorative Posture Therapy at FitTek


Who benefits from Restorative Posture Therapy [RPT]?

Persons with chronic pain and/or limited function can eliminate pain and restore function through RPT.  If you are experiencing pain or limitation during exercise or while performing daily activities, RPT may be the answer for you.

What might happen at the appointments?

1.  Discussion of chronic pain and/or limitation.
2.  Assessment of posture through examination and photos.
3.  Discussion relating posture deviations to pain and limitation.
4.  Assessment of movement through simple functional tests and gait.
5.  Application of simple-to-do posture therapy exercises.
6.  Reassessment of standing posture and function to determine effectiveness of therapy exercises.
7.  Printing of therapy menu and instructions.
8.  Scheduling of follow-up appointment to adjust the exercises as the body changes position.

How does RPT differ from other forms of pain-relief therapy?

Postural Alignment Therapy is nonmedical and does not involve manipulation by the therapist.
The muscles move the bones closer to the design position as the client does a daily routine.  The client and therapist are equal partners in the process.  RPT is complimentary to other therapies but in posture therapy, we do not assume the location of the pain is the cause of the pain.  We also believe the client knows best what their body is telling them.

Why does RPT work?

The body functions wonderfully when it’s vertical and horizontal lines are straight and plumb.  The spine has full range of motion when it has a gentle “S” curve.  If the body is out of position long enough, compensating muscles start doing the jobs of the design muscles.  Joints begin to move improperly, the surfaces grinding instead of gliding. Limitation of movement begins and pain is soon to follow.  RPT begins to restore the body’s vertical and horizontal lines and the “S” curve of the spine to stop joint degradation and return the body to its “blueprint” design where healing can take place.

How do I get started?

Schedule your first appointment in person or by phone at 217-586-6839.  [If the therapist needs to come to your location, there is an extra charge.]  Wear above-the-knee shorts and a close-fitting sport or tank top if possible.  Plan on 2 hours for the initial visit and 1 ½ hours for follow-ups.

Initial visit at FitTek- $150[at your residence-$175] 
Follow-up at FitTek- $80[at your residence-$100]
Visit for review of exercise menu only with therapist-$40[at your residence-$55]

Who is the therapist and where did you get this method?

he method was developed by Pete Egoscue, a functional anatomist.  He has authored several books and has clinics throughout the US and abroad.   Linn Schweig is a Certified Practitioner through Egoscue University as well as an ACSM Certified Excercise Physioligist. She fortunately came across the Egoscue method when she was limiting her activities because of foot, knee, shoulder and back pain.   Today she does about anything she wants.  Further information can be found at www.egoscue.com.


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