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A personal trainer motiviates you to work harder, be more consistent, and get quicker results than working out on your own and often with less time commitment.

Everyone should change an exercise program in some way, every 3-8 weeks. You are more prone to exercise injuries if you do the same routine for too long. Let one of our certified
trainers assist you and get the variety you need to keep your
program safe, interesting, and challenging.

Schedule regular or occasional personal training sessions at
FitTek and see your workout take off to the next level!
Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle shaping, training
for sports, or maybe you just need some old-fashioned
encouragement, your personal trainer can help you get it

        Members: [rate depends on trainer]
            $32/hr or $40/hr, 3-hour package at 10% discount
        Nonmembers: [rate depends on trainer]
            $42/hr or $50/hr, 3-hour package at 10% discount

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